Remote Video Solution

Avoid unnecessary visits, optimize 1/3 of your schedule & work from home – with video for inspection, maintenance, diagnostics, pre-checks or consultations.

Connect instantly, take notes in parallel & use AI to get recommendations

New work for repair experts

Faster resolution & better schedule

Jumping on a quick video call helps you gather key information so you know exactly which error to fix, which part to bring and how much time to plan – optimizing your daily schedule for up to 2 more repairs per day.

Avoid co2 emissions & save fuel costs

Why drive when you can video? Offering sustainable services is key for brands and repair service providers – and an additional chance to optimize profitability and experiment with new innovative services.

Offer partial option to work from home

More attractive for new joiners, but also more attractive for older technicians who might wanna work part time and not carry a washing machine down two floors anymore… repair just got more interesting!

Easy start – simply join with a link

No separate video app install required – our solutions works by sharing a link with your users and on any device for your customers, technicians and service team.

“Working in field service can be really exhausting!”

– who says it has to be that way?

Customers, technicians & brands prefer it!

“Super quick solution – we found out which spare part to bring and avoided emissions coming here!”

Product user at home 

“Finally I can work from home – at least a little but it makes me enjoy my work more!”

Service technician at repair shop

“Avoiding unprofitable visits helps optimize our scare service capacity!”

Head of operations at manufacturer

Up to 1/3 more repairs per day possible

& the option to work from home