Our Mission & Vision

In a world of climate emergency, population growth and resource scarcity, we’ll need to use our products smarter than ever before. This is where we fell in love with the idea and potential of circularity.

Our mission is to accelerate circularity

… starting with the electronics sector & already going beyond that!

Fastest growing waste stream

Only 20% are recycled globally

Most toxic and valuable waste

90% of emissions in production

The Problem

Processes & data silos are a transformation bottleneck

It’s too complicated: service entry barriers for product users, operational struggles for service providers and a lack of data to improve circularity at scale are only the tip of the iceberg that needs to change.

Our vision is a world where fixing products comes first

… and keeping them in use longer is the norm. To get there by 2030, we:

Extend the life of >10bnelectronic products

Enable >14Gt of emissionssavings

Enable >10k partnershiporganizations

Push the global circularitytransformation

The solution

A digital enabler thatfosters partnerships

We need to make it easy: processes, data, materialsand service providers including all circularitystakeholders need to come together.

Selected partners and supporters

Our team

Driven by change

We’re a Berlin-based impact and tech startup that aims to accelerate the transformation towards a circular economy. To achieve this, our team digitizes and simplifies circular services and processes with their self-developed software platform – starting with repair and maintenance in the electronics sector.

We are a young team that has set itself the goal of making circularity easier, faster more accessible. We want to make our contribution to a sustainable and resource-saving society that we urgently need.

Where it all started

Our story & origin

Let’s shortly travel in time: After the Second World War, somewhere inthe middle of Germany – the grandfather of co-founder & CEO built hisown house for his family with his own hands and the simplest means.There can be no talk of excess here – cherishing and caring for thingsinstead of throwing them away is the mindset, as well as keepingeverything in good condition as a precaution, repairing or otherwiseusing it. Buying a new one is not an option.

When you grow up with this mindset, you look at products with adifferent perspective. Everything is in abundance these days. Often it issimply more convenient to buy something new instead of tormentingyourself through customer service, which is usually too expensive orpoorly available.

The idea of ​​FixFirst is to further establish the mindset – to use productslonger and to consider repairs – and to map them in a digital platformthat offers solutions around this mindset. That’s why we createdFixFirst.

“One of the circular economy startups

to watch!”