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Ready for the repair bonus? Double your revenue without hiring new staff. The AI & platform make it possible - in just 3 steps!

In a constantly changing world, you're probably looking for effective ways to not only keep your business running but to truly thrive. In the repair market, this can sometimes be a challenge. Until now! Bonus programs and the right-to-repair are causing more change than ever before. Repair businesses in countries with bonuses like Austria are reporting revenue doubling. We believe that with advanced AI tools and innovative digital solutions like fix1, you can achieve even more - without necessarily hiring new people, as they are hardly available. So, now is the time to use new technologies for your business. Here I explain in three simple steps how you can increase your revenue and become more efficient in your operations - simply and immediately.

Step 1: Gain additional customers & new orders

Use the repair bonus

In more and more areas, politics is providing vouchers that are meant to encourage citizens to use local repair services like yours. In the long term, similar subsidy measures should be introduced throughout Europe. You shouldn't miss out on this. By registering with fix1, you can apply directly for participation in a voucher program with your profile. This increases your visibility and attracts new customers.

Focus on customer orientation & online presence

The reality is that people simply expect everything to be as easy and fast as buying new - click, click, done. Sure, it's different in the repair market, but not impossible. Make it as easy as possible for potential customers by offering a user-friendly online booking platform including price indication and easy payment options. This improves the customer experience and increases the likelihood that customers will come to you and return. Additionally, you should make your profile and services multilingual - especially in major cities, this is not to be underestimated.

Be available around the clock

With AI-supported hotline and WhatsApp support, you are always reachable - that's exactly what we offer and take care of everything. This has a huge advantage, as you can accept inquiries and bookings at any time - whether you're off work, on vacation, or spending time with your loved ones. Our AI hotline accepts inquiries at any time, helps your customers book the right service, and collects all the data you need to carry out the order. If you release your calendar, it can even make an appointment directly. Sounds like science fiction? Admittedly, a bit, but feel free to try it out!

Step 2: Complete more repairs with less effort

Use AI tools

Inaccurate inquiries are annoying and every minute of follow-up questions or missed calls costs time and money. Not with us. With our solution, you can create automatic cost estimates, request missing data via a link, and reply personalized in all languages. Additionally, you can make individual offers to your customers at the push of a button. This saves you time and resources. Moreover, it acts like a smart filter: bit by bit, your appointment calendar has fewer gaps and contains only the orders that are truly profitable. There are also many other AI functions - from type plate recognition, summaries, translation, and more.

Improve your workflows

With digital workflow tools, you can streamline your internal processes and increase your efficiency. Less time for administration means more time for the essentials. With our solution, you can easily involve your entire team - from the inquiry to the cost estimate, the repair, and the invoicing. Additionally, our AI tools also help you prepare individual orders: finding documents and spare parts, scheduling, and more... if it goes badly, it can already take 10-25 minutes - no worries, those times are over!

Offer remote video support

Through remote support, you can quickly and effectively solve customer problems without needing to travel - for repairs or maintenance. This increases customer satisfaction and simultaneously saves costs. After the pandemic, this is completely normal for everyone - this is also a chance for you and your team to work remotely. Since you can be faster with it, it's particularly exciting to experiment with speed in your prices and, for example, charge more money for express services - those who are faster and perform special services can also demand more, we find that fair.

Step 3: Stand out from the crowd and set up for the long term

Improve your rating

Foster a culture of open feedback and use customer feedback to continuously improve your offer and secure high quality standards. This helps you stand out from the competition and build long-term customer relationships. Additionally, you can work with us to move the entire market forward and set new standards, such as by participating in our DIN Spec Circularity Check for Electronics - more on our page.

Show and expand your impact

Go beyond the mere financial bonus. Show commitment to sustainable practices and thus strengthen the trust of your customers. Exactly for this, we have built our Repair Impact Program: We support initiatives that teach children to repair in schools, promote social repair cafés, and operate electronic waste recycling in Africa. Additionally, we engage in the development of repair standards, lobbying for better repair conditions, and donate 1% of our profits to climate protection NGOs. We also plant a tree for every successful repair, to actively contribute to environmental protection. As a partner, you can also make this promise and communicate it to your customers.

Proactive Right to Repair

Are you aware of the planned changes for repairers? Price transparency, a standardized form for inquiries or cost estimates, and an offer of loan devices are included, for example. With our platform, you can already comply with the new regulations. This is not only legally advantageous but also improves your standing with customers and cooperation with brands and other partners.

Plus: Always successful even without the repair bonus

Use our platform to establish partnerships with well-known brands and achieve long-term stable revenues. This gives you access to an extensive network that includes manufacturers, dealers, insurers, cities, and others who work with companies. All this contributes to your sustainable business success.

Even if you do not have direct access to the repair bonus, our tools offer significant benefits. The digitalization of your business through AI-driven process optimizations and automated systems leads to significant efficiency gains of up to 47%. With tools like real-time analytics, you can gain insights into customer behavior and market trends, enabling you to proactively respond to changes and adapt your services.


Collaborating with us enables you to enhance your competitiveness and secure your business growth in the long term, independent of external incentives. Sign up now for free and get started. Use our demo or a FAQ session to learn more about how our platform can help your business grow and become more efficient. Use the digital possibilities to take your operation to the next level and make a real difference in your market.

Wishing you success and best regards, Sebastian, Co-Founder & CEO

PS: Are you in Berlin? There will soon be a bonus there too! Sign up with the code #HeyBerlin!

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